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I joined Vingle from a recommendation by a friend, but I feel I have to comment on the design of the site. When I go to the home page, there's 3 cards at the top that hold no relevance to my interests, and they take up a third of the horizontal space, meaning I have to scroll down before I can see content that is of interest to me. Those 3 cards, unless they are from my interests, are a burden to me, as the user. Suggestion: Make them relevant to the user's interests, or remove them. Next up, simple thing, really. See that white box between "My Interests" and the house icon in the second image? I'm told by my Mac using friends that's supposed to be an arrow. I don't own a Mac. Unicode character 0xe29d is considered private use, which means it is guaranteed to not work cross-device. Suggestion: Test design across multiple OSs and browsers, and use html code for symbols like arrows, rather than proprietary unicode. Don't use private use data on public systems. The interests/communities are a nice start, but the limited scope is a turn-off. I shouldn't be told what I'm allowed to like. Suggestion: Create the ability for users to craft their own communities. There are a few users whose content interest me, but I have to go to their profile to see it, as it doesn't show in my feed quickly. Suggestion: Create a means to follow a user.
@mrgold Thank you for your suggestions, we will take these into consideration so that we can improve our platform. If you ever have more ideas, please let us know through our Suggestion Box ( Thanks again!
how can I earn points on here