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Taking off leg- or knee warmers when you're riding your bike can be a useful skill to know. In this video Jack Bauer, Team Garmin-Sharp, shows you how to take off leg-warmers while cycling. Just a warning, do not under any circumstances try to imitate this technique if you are not completely confident with your riding! You are at high risk of losing balance while doing this!
its actually not that hard. ive practiced the same technique. the hardest part is getting it over your cleat and if you have a plastic ratchet band it can get tangled. but when it does roll up smoothly it is relatively simple. easy on aeros if your core is solod
@BikeSnob I totally agree, much better what I could do. I usually just stop and put them on or take them off :P
@TeamWaffles It's just nice to see them do it so fluidly. @troygreene84 Of course he holds his line!
That's some talent right there. Holding his line and all
This is pretty much what I expected he would do before even watching, still impressive