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The Way I Roll - Gina Marie Scardino
King Kog bike shop owner and drummer Gina Marie Scardino gives a unique tour of her legendary shop and takes the family on velodrome afternoon. Gina Marie Scardino has managed to turn her bike shop King Kog in Brooklyn into a phenomenon. It is reputed to be the Aladdin's Cave of bike shops, and the truth is even better than fiction. King Kog is famous for selling everything a dedicated fixed gear and vintage bicycle enthusiast may ever need or want, from apparel to custom made bikes. Fixed gear bikes have existed since the late 1800's, but in recent years the interest in them and the surrounding culture has boomed. The rumour has it that Gina Marie and her shop has somehow predated the current fixie-fad and will most certainly outlive it as well. When Gina is not running the shop, she is busy creating art or making music. Drums are her specialty, and she is currently drumming in the punk band Guts for Garters.
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Great story, I would love to shop here
3 years ago·Reply
This girl is rad! I was checking out their website and they have some really cool kits
3 years ago·Reply
@BikeSnob Totally! I just wish I could find the team kits -_-
3 years ago·Reply