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One of the most fashionable and practical trend for this Fall is knee high socks. There's a few reason why: 1) I'm seeing an increasing numbers of above knee dresses and skirts worned in the streets. 2) It keeps your legs and feet warmer. 3) When you find a fitting pair of knee high socks, it can flatter your legs. Some of the style I'm seeing in the streets with the knee high socks are the classic, the preppy, and the casual. See how they put it together!
I always thought this look was so cute, but my legs are waaaay too stubby to pull it off. If only I were Alexa Chung.
The number of times I think that every single day, @danidee hahha
I ♡ this look!
I love that knee highs can really make so many different looks--and, they're a great way to wear dresses in the winter without freezing your butt off