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A new player is in town: Ello. You can join on invited only for now as it is still in beta. I'm exploring for now and finding it interesting
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@sophiamor, it's quite limited for now but it's growing.
3 years ago·Reply
@patrickballeux from what I read it seems like it could be huge! you'll be our inside man hahah
3 years ago·Reply
@sophiamor, it all depends on the hype around it. For now, they are on the right track as it feels trendy and personal. We'll see how it will evolve in the next few weeks
3 years ago·Reply
@patrickballeux I wonder how long they'll be able to keep in so ad-free like they talk about, sounds like a cool place!
3 years ago·Reply
@pipeline, Me too as they will eventually need some funding. Donation maybe?
3 years ago·Reply