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I can't carve a pumpkin to save my life. Even if I manage to cut it open, I get covered in nasty pumpkin insides and quit before I I actually do something with the squash. So when I found these emoticon pumpkins I nearly screamed, and knew I had to share them. Materials: - printable emojis (see link at the bottom) - white card stock - craft pumpkins - yellow spray paint - thumbtacks Tools: - scissors - exacto knife - color printer - hot glue gun - tape Instructions: 1. Print out your emoji templates. 2. Use scissors and an exacto knife to cut them out. 3. Spray paint craft pumpkins yellow. 4. Attach emoji pieces using tape or thumbtacks. That’s it! Here's the PDF of cut-outs -
I'd imagine this is a lot easier to do than carving. Carving is the worstttt.
Hot glue guns and an exacto knife? Not a good idea for me lol
Ah!! I'm going to try to make smaller versions too for the little pumpkins you can buy :3
I am hopeless at pumpkin carving too @caricakes, this is a great DIY for me :)
I love the moustache one, my kids will really have fun with these!
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