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GlobalGiving is a non-profit that helps other non-profits raise donations for their projects. They help "underdogs" all over the world who are seeking funds for their creative projects. There's a section where you can donate to technology projects, such as: - Provide a Computer for Afghan Girls -Inclusion For People With Disabilities In Colombia Some of these projects are part of the Microsoft YouthSpark project - a partnership with the Microsoft company to empower youth. I think this is a really great organization. Lately I've been interested in learning more about non-profits and technology and it has been refreshing to find so many organizations such as this one that are helping other non-profits. All donations go through the GlobalGiving Foundation, which receives a nominal 15% fulfillment fee to help cover the costs of running GlobalGiving. After learning more about this, I want to donate more often. Perhaps cut out my frequent visits to Starbucks and give some money to help humanity!
"Perhaps cut out my frequent visits to Starbucks and give some money to help humanity!" Hahaha True that!
Good for you @Techatheart! You're donations will probably make you feel better than any starbucks drink would :)
Non-profit for non-profit? Great idea!
Is this similar to micro-investing? This sounds like a really cool project, I hope it succeeds!
@cindystran haha seriously. less pumpkin spiced lattes