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Seems to be a day for DC movie rumors, now there’s speculation that Will Smith and Tom Hardy may be joining Suicide Squad, one of the 13 movies Warner Bros. announced will be coming between now and 2020. There’s also a slim possibility that Margot Robbie will be joining Suicide Squad too. Nothing finalized yet, but after the massive success that was Guardians of the Galaxy it’s likely DC will try for the same thing. Who would Smith, Hardy, and Robbie play? Since it's not confirmed yet no idea, but my guesses would be Will Smith as Bronze Tiger (picture 3), Tom Hardy as Deadshot because I would die of happiness (picture 4), and maybe maybe maybe Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn (picture 5). And in case you aren’t familiar with Suicide Squad, it’s kinda the DC version of Guardians, or at least that’s the easiest way to explain it. The big difference is that the Guardians are intergalactic bad guys turned good guys, whereas Suicide Squad aka Task Force X are legit villains carrying out black ops operations until they can get away and go back to being criminals.
This seems like it would be a different kind of character for Will, but it would be really interesting to see. And Tom is wonderfully talented as well!
@DanteL I don't really know tbh, I think it's entirely possible he could pull it off tho c:
Can't imagine Smith being that tiger character either. Hardy is a badass
@sophiamor I'm really torn on him tbh after all the scientology crap :/ he's very talented though, just personal stuff. @pixiedust yeah, he's been doing more "mature" stuff but never a superhero style story so this would be pretty cool.
Will Smith can play any character and I'd be fine with it!