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Lifetime’s attempt at a post-apocalyptic drama will not be renewed for a second seasons. The first ten episodes failed to draw the crowd (or revenue) Lifetime was hoping for and the network has opted to cancel the series. I only saw a couple episodes of the “conspiracy thriller” and I wasn’t personally impressed. The premise is interesting, but trying to make something like conception and procreation high drama leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I can understand why audiences didn’t tune in to watch.
@pixiedust I'm sure I'll hear all about whatever fills the timeslot from my mom, she's loves lifetime XD
@AgentCory I don't think boring is quite the word I would use, but it's certainly strange. They've got a lot of shows lined up to fill the time slot though.
Yeaaaaaaah... I've never even heard of this this tbh but it sounds kind of... boring? like there are things you can make exciting but this doesn't' sound like one of them. wonder what they'll put on it its place