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iris 2 secures casts and crew

It’s full speed ahead for blockbuster spy sequel IRIS 2, which will really be the third installment in the IRIS / Athena franchise. Leads JANG HYUK and LEE DAE-HEE have signed on to headline the drama, which means this will be their third time as costars. KIM SEUNG HOO plays Park Chul-young, North Korean spy team leader and all around badass. KIM MIN-JONG plays Kim Ki-soo, a funnier and quirkier character who was once a North Korean spy but spent a long time getting comfortable in his cover life in the South. OH YEON SOO (Bad Guy) will be playing the director of operations at NSS. KIM YOUNG CHUL (IRIS) will be reprising his role as Baek San, obviously, since the entire premise of this season is based on rooting out his evil organization. IM SOO HYANG (I Do, I Do) will be playing a killer for the baddies. KANG JI YOUNG (of KARA) and LEE JOON (of MBLAQ) will be playing rookie NSS agents and partners. The production has put two directors on the project from the get-go as well — PD Pyo Min-soo of You’ve Fallen For Me and Coffee House, and PD Kim Tae-hoon of Athena. IRIS 2 begins shooting in October and plans to premiere in February 2013. credits: dramabeans.com
exciited!! i love their chemistry together...^^
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