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In the wake of GamerGate drama and a massive feminist movement through the video game community, PlayStation is having a massive flash sale on games and movies celebrating female characters. Nothing on the PlayStation site explicitly says that it’s related to women in video games/gaming or about GamerGate, but if you look at the titles on sale it’s pretty clear what the point is. This is a really awesome thing for PS to do, because it’s subtle but pretty directly supporting women in the video game world. Some of the awesome titles include Terantino’s Kill Bill, Portal 2, Mirror’s Edge, Beyond Good and Evil, and Resident Evil 3. You can check out the PlayStation site for everything available.
@DanteL I think that's why they were really cheap mostly, cause it's not about new games it's about games that highlight female characters c: @Spudsy2061 BGE is SO good oh man, I love that game!
Thanks I'll check it out
@DanteL Old maybe but Beyond Good & Evil was a marvelous game. Worth a go. I still play loads of old games *ahem* Unreal Tournament 2004 *ahem*.
Good for Sony but these games are old...
@pixiedust yeah! I mean you're probably right, it's probably just a way to make money but it's highlighting women at a time when that's really important c:
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