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I'm so sorry I ran you over and put you in the hospital, now please pay me $2,000. A New York fashion photographer and social media guru is suing a cyclist that she rear-ended for the damage her Infiniti sustained while it was dragging the destroyed bike in the street. Kionnei Lyons was behind the wheel of her Infiniti sedan when she accidentally struck artist John Roemer as he was pedaling along a New York City street in Williamsburg on May 14 at around 6 p.m. “I just got slammed from behind, and I didn’t know she was even close to me,” Roemer said in a phone interview. Roemer says he dodged certain death by rolling to the shoulder of the Brooklyn street, while his bike was dragged at least 30 feet. After the accident Lyons asked Roemer if he was okay, but he was too out of it to give a coherent answer. Roemer rested on the curb until a New York Police Department squad car arrived. The cyclist suffered multiple fractures in his pelvis and was hospitalized in the ICU for three days. Roemer says Lyons’ insurer reimbursed him for his totaled bike and his hospital bills—but now he may have to come up with $2,000 to pay Lyons back after she filed a small claims lawsuit three weeks ago. Lyons says the accident wasn’t her fault. “There was no bike lane,” she tells us. “There was a large truck that caused us to merge.” This case doesn't seem good for Lyons, especially since her insurance has already payed the cyclist. We shall see how this is settled in court.
Im an attorney in NYC and practice in the Court frequently. If anyone knows the rider have him reach out to me through Facebook. My firm would be glad to assist.
If she is suing him for essentially being in her way (which is what it sounds like). then I don't see her winning. I'm not sure how it is everywhere, but in my home state, if you rear-end anyone in a car, it is always ruled 100% your fault, by default. There's no way to argue it. And I'm guessing that since a bicycle is a vehicle subject to the same traffic laws as any other, it might be concluded that this woman is quite full of it. Maybe he should counter-sue her for pain and suffering due to added distress caused by superfluous legal frivolity (is that redundant?) and overall stupidity on her part. (I'll stand by for my Certificate of Redundancy Certificate of that's the case.)
I hope the judge just laughs her out of court
She needs to take some responsibility for her actions. That is just despicable.
@BikeSnob You hit the nail on the head
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