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De Rosa's company became renowned during the late 1960s and 70s for manufacturing road racing bicycles. In 1969 De Rosa was approached by Gianni Motta, who wanted to engage De Rosa as his frame builder and mechanic. De Rosa accepted and became the bicycle supplier to Motta's team as well. It was during this period that one of the greatest stars of cycling was rising - Eddy Merckx. DeRosa built some frames for Merckx around this time, but it was not until 1973 that their relationship was formalized and De Rosa became the official frame builder and mechanic for the Molteni team which he captained. Merckx and his teammates won nearly all the major European races including the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia, Milan – San Remo and the World Championship. This partnership with Molteni remained in effect until Merckx's retirement in 1978. It's obvious De Rosa has a ton of history behind it, old or new they still are making some of the most beautiful bikes on the market today!
I got a great deal on this exact frame and colorway in 56cm. I ordered Campag 80th Anniversary SR Ti groupo and 80th Ani Bora Ultra 2's from Merlins. It should all get here in about a month and I'm excited to see how it turns out. I have not ordered bars stem and seat yet but I'm thinking about going with the same FSA K-Force and K-Wing that I have on my Madone.
that is one crazy downtube is nuts
Just beautiful. I really do love De Rosas