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Walmart Workers Protest Outside Alice Walton's Home Demanding Livable Wages
Demanding higher wages and better benefits, Walmart employees protest outside Walmart heiress Alice Walton's New York home. Most of the signs seen in this protest asked for a $15 hourly wage, but others were questioning healthcare options and full time scheduling. The goal of the protest was to bring attention to the low-wages workers all around the country have to endure at the hands of corporations making billions and billions of dollars. Many of the protesters acted out in the name of civil disobedience, blocking intersections and the like. Altogether 26 protesters were arrested, including 14 workers and 12 organizers.
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Adjusted for inflation, the federal minimum wage peaked in 1968. In my opinion things need to change and this protest is a welcomed site
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@hunahuna Wow, I did not realize that minimum wage rate has stagnated so much. Thanks for providing that information. I agree, something should be done.
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When is Walmart actually going to get it through their heads that they need to shape up?
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The minimum wage in NYC is still under $8. There is no way to live off of that in this city. We need to fix this asap :/
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