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"So you did not actually see him die with your own eyes? " "No, I did not. " "And what did Peter said that happened?" "He said that one of the Roman soldiers broke Jesus' thigh. He said they do it from time to time to haste the death." "But you were there when they took him off the cross, right? So you could... " "No, they would not let me get close to him. Peter told us to go home and prepare the ointments, for the funeral ceremony, but we looked from afar as they laid his body in the tomb. We saw them close the opening with a big stone and then we went away. And when we came back, early Sunday morning, we found the tomb already open, and Peter and James were there. " "And?" "And what happened then was something that I need you to understand exactly, my son, and therefore I will tell you about it tomorrow, after we both get some sleep."
@timeturnerjones , I would like to thank you once more for your feedback. It is very encouraging.
@orenshani7 Anytime! Thank you for continuing to post these; I find them really interesting to read.
I love this style of writing some of the sections in just conversation; it adds a different style every now an dthen