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I am writing this card in my pajamas, with a massive head ache, in a hotel room at 1am. Welcome to London. I am usually a whiz kid at getting through jetlag but I messed up somewhere on my 13 hour flight. After digging through the internet, I have a game plan. Nothing I can do about the 'night flight' tip, but hopefully the rest of these will help me out. good luck fellow travellers! - Get an overnight flight if you can. You want to get on the new time zone fast. The best method is to take an overnight flight so you can get some rest and keep a regularly regular sleep schedule. - Stretch. This relieves stress and keeps your body alert! - Two strong coffees – no more, no less. One’s insufficient but three’s a crowd. Avoid being under- or over-jazzed by sticking to the two coffees rule. - Eat well. None of that crappy airline food. Get your fruits and veggies and PROTEIN to make it through the day. - Get some fresh air. Exposing yourself to natural light at regular intervals help your bodyclock readjust. - Hydrate. This should go without saying, but when you’re fatigued, and especially when sleeping it off will hinder you from adjusting to a different timezone, drinking water is key to your health and success. - Be positive! You can do this!
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Hydrating is key for me! Even when I just fly 2 or 3 hours, those airplanes drain me. Usually after a few bottles of water I'm feeling ready-to-go!
I was so nervous before my first long flight about feeling too much jet lag that i played with the time differences and made myself a schedule of when to sleep so it wouldn't happen!! >< overkill, but it worked
Other than the overnight flight tip, I think that these are all tips we should use to have a good day every day!
Eat well, a breath of fresh air, and staying hydrate are the first things I do after I get off the air plane
No third coffee?!?! Blasphemous. ;)