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Upcoming Fall 2012 Jdramas!

Which one(s) will you be watching? I posted some drama info and trailer that I'm looking forward to here
if there's another awesome drama like rich man poor woman then i will do recap for it. Priceless looks interesting enough. I'm curious about Gackt in Akumu-chan tho!
yea i dont think i know them XD
@soul81 ohh~ i wonder if i know any of the casts ~ :P haha
left is Doctor X ~Gekai Daimon Michiko~ and right is Perfect Blue
~ looking forward to Ooku, Resident, Priceless, Akumu-chan, monster and what's that drama beside Priceless(left and right? XDD )
Cards you may also be interested in
Kimura Takuya to live in poverty for new Monday drama ‘PRICELESS’
On August 14th, it was announced that SMAP’s Kimura Takuya will be starring in Fuji TV’s new “Getsu 9″ drama for the upcoming fall season. The drama with the tentative title ‘PRICELESS‘ revolves around a salary man who falls into a life of destitution after being fired from his company. Although it will already be Kimura’s ninth starring role in a “Getsu 9″ drama, it will be the first time for him to play a character living in poverty. At first everything seems to go well for the protagonist – living a satisfying life as a bachelor and working at the middle management of a major company. He’s also on good terms with his co-workers, but one day he gets wrapped up in an intrigue and ends up getting fired for something he hasn’t done. Before he even realized, he had become a penniless man without a phone and no place to stay. By chance he happens to get acquainted to other poor children at a park and gradually begins to realize that there are many important “priceless” things in life that you can’t buy with money. ‘PRICELESS’ is based on an original script by Furuya Kazunao (‘Ninkyo Helper’, ‘37-sai de Ishani Natta Boku’). It’s said to be a humorous drama with a lovable and cheerful protagonist who never loses his positive attitude despite those tragic turns. His positive attitude even causes the change of his unreliable boss – played by Nakai Kiichi – and one of his female colleagues, an introverted accountant played by Karina. Just before the start of the filming, Kimura stated, “Our Japanese athletes at the London 2012 Olympics showed us impressive and PRICELESS teamwork. The staff, my co-stars and I want to form just as great of a team and make this drama our own.” Nakai commented, “You better not miss any second of this fast-paced drama!” Karina, whose character will eventually become the love interest of the protagonist, is also looking forward to the filming. She said, “I’m nervous since it’s my first time working together with Kimura and Nakai. My character sounds plain, but I still want to give it my all.” The producer added, “We want to give people courage and hope with a protagonist that still lives every day to the fullest despite having lost everything.” ‘PRICELESS’ is scheduled to air its first episode in October.
[Fall 2012] Ooku ~Tanjou~ (Arikoto – Iemitsu Hen)
Definitely will watch this! Trailer: – Start: October 12th – – Air Time: 22:00 – – Directors: Kaneko Fuminori, Watase Akihiko, and Fujie Yoshimasa – – Script: Kamiyama Yumiko – – Original: ‘Ooku’ by Yoshinaga Fumi – – Cast: Sakai Masato, Tabe Mikako, Tanaka Koki, Hirayama Hiroyuki, Naito Takashi, and Aso Yumi – – Theme Song: “DEEPNESS” by MISIA – # The Ooku series continues and this time focuses on the pure love between the former monk Arikoto and Shogun Iemitsu, and the secret how the roles of men and women switched. ‘Ooku’ is set during the Edo period of Japan, in an alternate history where a mysterious disease that affects only males has resulted in a sharply decreasing population of men and women overwhelmingly outnumber the male population. Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu already passed away as well, but a head of Ooku (inner chambers of a shogun’s castle), Kasuga no Tsubone (Aso) keeps the bloodline alive by raising Iemitsu’s daughter (Tabe) as the next Shogun Iemitsu. At the age of 13, she was attacked by her own bodyguard who tried to rape her. This incident ended with her killing him with his own sword and her shutting away her heart. Now Iemitsu is 16 years old. Kasuga no Tsubone threatens the the monk Arikoto (Sakai) and makes him return to secular life. Together with his disciple (Tanaka), they are forced to serve as the pages for Iemitsu. After seeing Iemitsu for the first time, Arikoto can’t believe that Shogun Iemitsu is actually a young girl. Arikoto himself is an open-minded and always composed man, but the continued cruel treatment by Kasuga no Tsubone begins to hurt his feelings. However, he knows the huge burden Iemitsu is carrying on her shoulders and wants to devote himself to serving her as best as he can. The drama covers the volumes 2 through 4 of the original manga, while the upcoming movie ‘Ooku ~Eien~ (Emonnosuke – Tsunayoshi Hen)’ will cover the volumes 4 through 6.
[Fall 2012] MONSTERS
Katori and Yamapi!??!! Must watch!!!! Trailer: – Start: October 21st – – Air Time: 21:00 – – Director: Fukuzawa Katsuo – – Script: Makita Mitsuharu – – Cast: Katori Shingo, Yamashita Tomohisa, Otake Makoto, and Endo Kenichi – – Theme Song: “MONSTERS” by TheMONSTERS – # A thrilling mystery drama starring Katori and Yamashita together for the first time! Hiratsuka Heihachi (Katori) is an eccentric detective at the First Investigation Division of the Metropolitan Police Department who is working as a one-man team. He is hated by everyone around him and they are not exactly hiding their aversion, but he does a great job solving one case after another. Inside the First Division rumor has it that Heihachi is connections to the underworld. Coincidentally this division also happens to have a new rookie named Saionji Kosuke (Yamashita) and so he’s being given the task to act as Heihachi’s new partner in order to observe him around the clock. The characters of this new duo couldn’t be any different. Heihachi is a petty and meticulous man, but as soon as he opens his mouth he’s suddenly all gentlemanly. Kosuke, on the other hand, is still a pure greenhorn with strong morals who is coming from a wealthy family. During the announcement, the Katori and Yamashita were described of portraying a unique convexo-concave partnership in the drama. Both are very ambitious about this drama and even formed a temporary unit to provide the drama’s theme song. ‘MONSTERS’ is produced, directed, and written by the same people who created the hit-drama ‘MR. BRAIN’ in 2009 and what else could they aim for than a similar success?
Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu - The reason I can't fall in love
Highly recommended! The best drama in 2011 I may say. Synopsis More than half of women in their 20's to 30's admit to "currently lacking a boyfriend." Men, love, sex, work, marriage... All the issues women face today are revealed in truth through this generation, an "ice age of love." "The reason I can't find my love" highlights the lives of three women, Fujii Emi, Ogura Saki and Hanzawa Mako. Emi works for a lighting company as a lighting technician, where she is surrounded by men due to the nature of the profession. She has a straight-forward and generous personality, but is unconcerned about general feminine interests such as fashion. She is often treated like another man by her boss and colleagues, and feels that being in love is tiresome. However, she cannot forget about her ex-boyfriend and hopes to someday fall truly in love. Saki is prideful and determined, but fails in landing a desirable job. As a result, she starts to work at a bar as a hostess, keeping the fact a secret from her parents. Mako is the youngest of all, having attended the same high school following Emi and Saki. She is earnest and responsible, but on the other hand, rather clumsy and afraid of taking chances on a romantic relationship. The three women end up living under the same roof by coincidence, and it is there that they share each other's experiences, bitter or sweet, desperately struggling with their love life. A life-sized unconventional love story ever to air on Fuji TV's prime 9 Monday drama slot! -- Fuji TV