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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella received a horrendous amount of backlash after his comment at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing when he advised the group of women to not ask for raises and trust that the system will give them the raises they deserve. I was upset and surprised that a CEO would say something like that... knowing about the gender pay gapl...especially in the tech industry. After all the backlash Satya was recieving, he apologized on Twitter, and even released an internal company memo to his employees ( stating he was humbled by this experience and acknowledged that what he said was wrong. He is pushing for a diversity plan to help fix the gender gap at Microsoft. Even though I didn't like what Satya said in the first place, I am really glad he responded the way he did. I'm assuming that his response is genuine. Everyone makes mistakes, right? I'm also really glad that the voices of women are being heard. Twitter was exploding that day and he responded (see some great tweets here: His diversity plan doesn't fix the gender gap problem, but it is a great start.
Thankfully since he made those comments, now we will see real change at Microsoft hopefully.
@onesmile Yes, I feel that way too! I guess he didn't realize how big of an impact he could make. @EightyNine Hopefully...might take a while, but it's not impossible!
I'll believe him when i see the results. It's still not very cool of him to have even clearly though that way in the first place!!! Clearly he learned from it, but it sucks that someone as in charge as he was had that opinion to begin with.
You live and learn! I won't try to judge on if he is being genuine or not, because what it comes down to is that there will now be positive action, and that's all we really want!