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When Yellowstone National Park was first established, there were wolves involved as part of the ecosystem. The wolves, though, disappeared: their numbers dwindled until they were totally gone. And then, the willows started disappearing as elk numbers soared, beaver numbers dropped, and the birds disappeared. How could this problem be fixed? In 1995, wolves were reintroduced to the ecosystem, and it started to correct itself. The top-down effect that having the wolves as predator in the ecosystem had was unbelievable, and replicatable in other areas as well. While solving the problems of ecosystems and global warming around the world isn't going to be as simple as balancing one ecosystem with one animal, it's a step in the right direction. This video, narrated by George Monbiot, tells this story. Monbiot considers himself a Rewilding campaigner, which means letting nature get "wild" again to save itself. Can rewilding succeed?
Wow, what a story. Thanks @yakwithalan and @greggr for bringing this to my attention!! It really is amazing how changes that seem so small can have such huge ripple effects on the environment we live in!
This is truly an inspiration! It's amazing to see how all the threads of nature interconnect, so even if there are more factors than simply reintroducing wolves it played a major role in bringing life back into the ecosystem!
:O I'm literally sitting here with my mouth open this is so cool!! that's crazy that just introducing one species actually changes the landscape?!?!
Proof that we really are all connected. I hope this inspired people to look at their impact all over nature, we can't hurt one part of it without hurting it all!
I have a huge endangered wolf center near my house and it is definitely true that as the species grows the nature around it improves as well. Can't wait for this success to spread outside of Yellowstone!
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