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Lauren Marsolier uses digital manipulation from her own archive of images to create the illusion of the void spaces you see here. She constructs these spaces by combining multiple photographs, usually in fragments from various locations. Often times months or even years separate the times when she actually took the images. She stitches them together not unlike the way painters have made sketches at different locations to use as a reference for future paintings. The work itself has a very unique purpose. To a certain extent this work reminds me of your work @hunahuna. Take a look! This is what Lauren says about "Transition": This work probes the mental process of transition, a particular phase when our parameters of perception shift, when we suddenly don’t see ourselves, our environment, or our life quite the same way we used to. These transitional periods often feel like being in a place we know but can’t quite identify. As we try to adjust to a post-modern society marked by speed and the implosion of boundaries between image and referent, appearance and reality, we repeatedly get this feeling of disorientation and dissonance. We have been introduced to a new stage of abstraction, a dematerialization in which images and signs take on a life of their own, divorced from our former notions of the real."
I would have never thought that these images are not what we are actually seeing, but some sort of compilation of them: interesting! Now, though, i'm very curious as to where the original images came from (though I get that it's not really the 'point')