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Tried this last year and it was a piece of cake. Perfect for last minute halloween potluck. Ingredients: Spooky green piping and flood icing White candy beads or pearls Black icing Basic sugar cookies (You can either bake the baisc sugar cookies or buy them pre-made in store.) Directions: 1. Line and fill the cookie tops with the green icing 2. Sprinkle the wet cookies with cany beads or pearls. 3. After the flood icing has set use the black icing and a #1 tip to gently add dots to the center of each eyeball. 4. Let them dry and you’re done.
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Hahaha these are hilarious, and not too scary for my younger neighbors!
3 years ago·Reply
I'll definitely be hunting down some candy pearls!
3 years ago·Reply
What a brilliant idea! Maybe I'll make these and those eyeball cake pops~
3 years ago·Reply
I'd have to practice that icing a bit, I always manage to make a mess when there's icing involved! Super cute idea though!
3 years ago·Reply
I like that they are more cute than creepy!
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