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ApplePay, which was officially introduced by the company last month, will be officially rolling out today! The mobile payment platform will allow users to complete transactions by tapping an iPhone at a payment terminal and authenticating your fingerprint. Reports of ApplePay being released soon were first revealed in a memo to Walgreens managers points to a launch date as soon as Oct. 18. When Apple had it's iPad even on the 16th, Apple Pay's start date of October 20 was officially announced! It will be enabled during the iOS8.1 update, which also rolled out today. What can you do with Apple Pay? Well, it's designed to allow iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users in the United States to make payments for goods and services with their iPhones, both in stores and within participating apps, using an NFC chip built into the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus, and the upcoming Apple Watch. Security isn't meant to be an issue, because the actual credit card numbers would not be sent over air, but you would also have to use Touch ID on the iPhone 6 and skin touch ID with the Apple Watch. The Apple Pay display shows a list of recent transactions, card numbers and other details related to your account. Users get push notifications when credit cards expire too. I really hope this launches smoothly as I think it will greatly impact consumers on a multitude of levels. However, due to recent events in the media, a lot of people are apprehensive about platforms such as this. I can only hope for the best. If the technology works properly, it could change the way that consumers pay as well as consumer's buying habits. I am a little wary about ApplePay. If your phone is stolen and you have all of your credit card information loaded onto it, that would be a huge problem, but I think that the Touch ID functionality as well as other security measures should be able to prevent that from becoming a problem initially! There seems to be some privacy issues. Overall though, I think this is a great idea!
I would just want the notification for my cards expiring, I always seem to miss that haha
It's cool, but I would rather keep my cash and card in wallet. In that way, I would have better idea of how much I'm spending and prevent myself from spending so easily...
Something like this would just make me more scared to lose my phone I think (if I even had a iphone 6) :/
Wonder how well this works. Anyone have try it out yet?
This sounds like a really cool idea, though it seems like it will be even easier for me to spend money :(
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