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Do not be afraid; Do not be scared I heard the words when I was a tot, Didn’t mean much then, But as I lie on this bed & recount of years gone & pals lost Of opportunities missed & mistakes made Of those I have hurt, loved & hurt in return Of reckless abandon of my youth Of tempting fate & dance with death Of nights of solitude & days of cuddling How profound those words be Do not be afraid; Do not be scared Should have counted my blessing Should have realized the great gift of walking Or taking a piss without getting wet That I could see life’s radiance & beauty & listen to a friend’s attempt to sing & have a good laugh as she bellows a croak.. Should have lingered longer…or listened To a brother’s mindless chit-chat… Or just to pause & listen to nothingness Should have forgiven more & banished hate & be grateful that I’m whole & not lacking Do not be afraid; Do not be scared Held to my job like a tick Afraid to let go & explore the worlds beyond How did I expect to know better worlds? If only I had let go of the rails & had more self belief That in the darkest of hours & in the brokenness of days I will not falter nor starve to death..if only I realized That in the precipice of disaster, man changes… And providence follows a heart that seeketh.. Now I lie here on my death bed, Imagining of how life will be on the other side, I draw on all my life’s lessons….all of them, From the reckless chatter of fools to wise counsel of ages I gently whisper to myself, as my heart whimpers & lights dim Do not be afraid; Do not be scared…..
I really love the progression of thought through these stanza: from not believing there was any reason to worrying, to experiencing more hardships, to finally accepting and understanding that initial advice. Great.
Nice memoir
I love the meaning behind this poem @Alexkeem . You conveyed the idea of living without having any actual meaning to life so well that I began to question myself: am I really living? Am I living as well as I could be? Great work; thanks for sharing.