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I was not always a fan of Arabic sweets when I was a little girl. When family parties meant choosing between strawberry cheesecake and pistachio knafeh covered in rosewater syrup, I would always choose the cheesecake, as floral flavors like rosewater and orange blossom were certainly not something I was used to. Now that I'm older, however, I really appreciate their unique flavor. It's now a flavor that reminds me of family and makes everything it comes in taste just a bit more sophisticated. (Rose macarons especially!) Here is a simple recipe for orange blossom lemonade, pretty much the standard variation of lemonade in regions like Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Israel. It's the perfect 'dressed up' lemonade for special occasions. Or even replace a cup or two of water with club soda to create a classy baby shower 'mocktail'. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Orange Blossom Lemonade 6 cups water 2 cups lemon juice (about 7 lemons) 1 3/4 cups sugar 1 tbsp. orange blossom water (also called 'mazaher') A few sprigs of mint, optional Dissolve the sugar and water. Add lemon juice and orange blossom water. To serve, pour in glasses filled with ice cubes and garnish with sprigs of mint. Makes 8 servings.
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So simple and so tasty! I'll have to make this ASAP because the summer weather is starting to fade.
@asparagus I always forget that weather exists outside of my Southern Califonia bubble. I'll need to post some warm drink recipes too!!
Yum! I love minty lemonade so I'm sure this will be just as tasty.
@kristenadams I'd probably adjust the orange blossom to taste for 'first timers'. It might be a little too floral! And you can certainly add much more mint. :)
This sounds wonderfully refreshing and delicious, I'll have to track down some orange blossom water!