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7 Hottest Web Development Trends That Are to Stay in 2022 and Beyond
We have seen a tremendous transformation in the trends of web development in the past decade. With newer and newer technologies coming up, it is essential to get adapted to them. Websites and web applications incorporating the latest technologies will become game-changers in the days to come.  To stay at the top of this game of web development, software engineers must know the latest trends to offer the best web development services to businesses. So, what are the current trends in web development? Well, you will know about that here. But before that, let’s check a few things to consider during the website and web application development process. Web Development Process – Steps to Follow During Web Development Before knowing the current trends in web development, let’s learn about the things you must not miss during the development process. => First, the web application development objective should be crystal clear clarity.  => After that, the Creation of a website or web application hierarchy. => Next, create a wireframe of the website or web app design. => Now, the initiation of the coding part and the actual process of development. => Then, prototype creation. => After this, it is time to test the prototype.  => Finally, maintenance is the key to ensuring optimal performance in the future.  Done knowing the critical steps involved in developing an app or website?  Both website or app owners and developers must keep an eye on these critical steps. Now, check the latest trends in web development below. 7 Latest Web Development Trends (2022) and Beyond What are the latest web development trends? Check them below. 1. AI-Powered Chatbots AI technology integrated with chatbots, including machine learning and deep learning, can emulate human conversations. As per the Boomtown Chatbot Statistics study, nearly 58% of B2B firms use AI-powered chatbots.  Chatbot technology has evolved in recent times. This technology can help in data analytics presentation and provide virtual assistance to online users. In addition to this, speech recognition capacity can help chatbots solve complex queries of users quickly without needing human help.  As per the report of Juniper Research, the banking and healthcare sector can save $11 billion annually using chatbots by 2023. So, if you are planning for app development or a developer, take note of this high-tech technology.  Hence, AI-integrated chatbots are listed among the current web development trends. 2. Implementing PWA and AMP apps Progressive Web Applications (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Page apps (AMP) are popular technology for tech geeks.  Now, how beneficial are PWAs? This technology allows your website content to adapt to the mobile phone size. Thus, it will enable a website or application compatible with both desktop and mobile. Subsequently, it creates a better UI and better UX. In addition, the page loading speed too is high. In case your app or website has loads of video content and animation, then an AMP is more suitable than PWA. With the help of AMP, all of the content will become available to your audience, even on mobile devices. In the event, you will not experience any overload too.  3. Using Voice Navigation and Control In the 21st century, people are always in a rush. They are always trying kick-ass tricks to search things fast on the web. The presence of voice control to search for a particular product or reach a specific destination on the web is child’s play! You all must be familiar with Google Assistant, where you ask questions rather than typing them to get your answers. As per Statista, the use of digital voice assistants may reach 8.4 billion units by 2024,  Thus, this technology features among the top 3 trends in web development.  Both app developers and app owners will witness more innovative transformations soon in this area. 4. Serverless Architecture Do you know that there is no need to manage the infrastructure while building and running apps?  Well, a serverless architecture can help build and operate apps without worrying about managing infrastructure.  Using this technology, web developers can concentrate on programming instead of getting bogged down in scaling, maintenance, and infrastructural provisioning.  Using serverless architecture, you can write and deploy code as a developer. At the same time, a cloud service provider provides servers to run their databases, applications, databases, and storage systems at any scale. Hence, apps built on serverless architecture get deployed within a few hours.  As a result, most businesses are opting for serverless architectures these days. 5. Single-Page Application (SPA) Single-page applications are one of the most popular web application development trends. Through SPA, the navigation on the website or app becomes easy. Also, this technology allows the placement of information on a particular page. Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are examples of using this SPA technology.  6. WebAssembly Technology Most website development companies face the challenge of performance issues while developing websites or apps. Heavy calculation of JavaScript is the culprit here. WebAssembly came as a savior for the web developers and app owners to check the slow performance issues.  In WebAssembly, you can port your current product to a web app in a very short time, written in C/C++/Rust/Java/Kotlin/Go/C#.  7. Using TypeScript Programming Language You must always be in a bid to better the UX of your app or website. Similarly, a developer will always look for alternate and improved technologies to provide a better experience.  The TypeScript programming language is known as the syntactical superset of JavaScript. This technology can fix JavaScript bugs.  The TypeScript coding will get translated and compiled into JavaScript. The existing versions – TypeScript 4.4 & 4.5 in beta are pretty advanced. Hence, we rate this technology right up there among the latest web development trends for 2021.  These are the top 7 trending web development technologies that both web developers and business owners must be aware of. The challenge for the best website development companies is to keep up with these technologies.  Final Words on Web Development Trends We are in a digital era at this moment. Technology has made inroads in every field, whether it is in education, healthcare, online shopping, entertainment, etc. Even AI-enabled writing tools are now writing the content we are writing. The global AI market currently stands at $327.5 billion in 2021.  So, in such a situation, both business owners and website development service providers must stay updated. In 2022, we are sure that simple design and a smooth user interface with minimal bugs will be the focus.   You can comment or ask any queries if you have any plans for having a website or app. Also, visit the web portal of the best website development company for more information.