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On the Roofs is a small collective of 'daredevil' photographers from Russia who have captured the attention of millions for their thrilling aerial stills and video shot from the rooftops of some of the world's tallest buildings. After five years of photo stunts taking them anywhere from Shanghai to South America, this past week, they stopped through Hong Kong to create a phenomenal video called "What's Up Hong Kong", a video that has since accumulated more than 1 million views on YouTube. (Okay, so what they're doing is highly illegal, but it doesn't make it any less interesting to watch!)
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I wonder how he got started. Like, oh yeah let me climb this massive building and take some pics.
@nokcha "I haven't done enough stupid things today. I wonder if I get past this intimidatingly tall skyscraper's security and take sweet pics on the top of the roof."
I love how they just walk away afterwards like it was no big thing
@kristenadams Hahaha right? I'd be shaking the entire time.
@kristenadams @danidee same here! They're insane!!!