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English artist Ashley Wallis (aka Venspace) deconstructs what we know of the familiar standard lightbulb to create a poetic installation comprised only of suspended pieces of broken bulbs. Her delicate sculpture, simply titled "Suspended Shattered Lightbulbs", is enhanced with a variety of colored lights, playing on reflection, shape, and the paradox of beauty and danger. The artist explains the work on her official blog: "Tornadoes consist of a large mass that is suspended above the world that sends a looming threatening presence, but at the same time have a beautiful order to their chaos. The shattered glass gives the sense of something fragile has been broken and is in a delicate state, but at the same time, is now potentially a danger."
What a creative vision! Tornados and other natural disasters are seen as so scary and certainly not beautiful, but this takes something ugly and something broken and creates something amazing. Beautiful piece!
I love the changing of colors, but imagining a tornado made of light bulbs makes my skin crawl...how scary!
This is really, really cool. I love when artists recycle things I'd consider trash and turn it into something awesome!
@galinda Hahah, I hadn't even taken that quote like that, and now I'm terrified of shattered glass tornadoes too!