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Third-year University of Southern California animation student Eric Cheng may still be in school, but he has been making incredible waves with his stunning work on his two-minute short film "Higher Sky". In the short, a monkey and a swallow fight in an equal parts thrilling and graceful 'kung fu' style. It's been less than six months since the short was created, and it has already earned itself numerous awards, including top recognition at the 2014 Student Academy Awards.
At first I found this video really calming but then it got so intense hahaha
Haha, kung fu monkies never get old
@Nisfit Very very slowly. One of the things I've found really interesting when researching up on animated shorts is just how much time and work goes into such short clips.
This is so awesome! I am still so amazed by animators, I have no idea how they can do this!
The swallow is incredible! I loved how its tail feathers moved.
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