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I’m a comics nerd, I think that’s pretty obvious by now, so jumping into one of the FOUR comics related shows this fall cause I already know who the characters are, what their backstories are, etc. But it’s not that easy for everyone and so DC Comics has released a free ebook with preview pages for several essential reads to get to know the characters and stories. You’re not getting the full books, just some previews to give you a taste but it’s still really helpful if you aren’t familiar with the heroes and want to get the most out of each show (so far Gotham, Flash, and Arrow have been chock full of easter eggs for those in the know so it’s really worth while IMO). The ebook is available from iTunes, Google Play, ComiXology, and Nook and Kindle.
@EightyNine totally! and it works for comics fans too since you could be in to Justice League heroes and know nothing about Constantine who's really separate from the rest of them, or the other way around, or someone who knows Arrow and Flash but not Gotham which is really different from Batman c:
@pixiedust really smart move on their part!
@pixiedust yes! that's really the point of it, so new fans can get just as into everything as people who've been into comics for a while c:
This sounds perfect! Now I can finally get into these shows and understand a little more of what's going on!
Good marketing to get people to watch the show and buy the full books!
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