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DeMarco Murray rushed 28 times for 128 yards with one touchdown in Sunday's Week 31-21 Week 7 win over the Giants. Murray appeared to roll both ankles in the first half but came back strong to finish for his 7th straight game with 100 yards which is an NFL record. He's on pace for an NFL record 427 carries along with 2,086 yards and 16 touchdowns. The Cowboys face off against the Redskins in Week 8. Look for Murray to continue his streak.
They need to stop using him so much. He's going to get hurt. That Randle guy looks good. Should give demarco some more breathers.
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He's doing what needs to done.
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@WAYNEPiper He certainly seems like he's ready for the load this year
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I agree. if its not broke. don't fix it.
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