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Robin Ha is amazing. I was introduced to her through an episode of "It's A Draw with Natalie Kim", a YouTube series hosted by comedy writer Natalie Kim, who spends each episode doodling with a new special guest while they discuss a number of things. I was drawn to Robin's story of moving to America when she was 15, attending Rhode Island School of Design, and then basically turning into a kickass comic book illustrating ninja. Lately, Robin's been working on a really cool project where she uses her gift of illustration to create an instructional series of two-page traditional Korean recipes. She started off with banchan (Korean side dish) recipes, even selling published booklets of them at various comic conventions, and lately, she has been publishing more and more 'main dish' recipes on her official blog. Here is an example of one of her delightful little recipes, illustrated instructions on how to make kimchi-jjigae, a spicy and savory stew featuring meat, kimchi, and tofu. Cool, right?
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The smellier the better? If you say so...
3 years ago·Reply
@sophiamor Now I want to make my own 'The Smellier The Better' kimchi jar too, hahaha.
3 years ago·Reply
Well I'm not sure about "the smellier the better" as far as cooking goes, but the design of the recipe is so fun!
3 years ago·Reply
All recipes should be in comic/illustration form XD
3 years ago·Reply
@AgentCory It's true! There should be more comic cookbooks!!
3 years ago·Reply