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A trailer for Nicolas Cage’s latest movie, Dying of the Light, has just been released and it looks like not even the lead wants anything to do with it. Cage is joining a boycott of the movie alongside director Paul Schrader, as well as co-star Anton Helchin and executive producer Nicolas Refn. According to the attached article Schrader is claiming he was kept out of the loop on editing the movie and the finished product isn't what he intended or anything he was given a say in. This entire debacle reminds me of the controversy surrounding Babylon A.D. in 2008. In the case of Babylon, director Mathieu Kassovitz was so displeased with the theatrical release of his movie, he re-edited the footage and released a director’s cut of the finished movie that was radically different from the theatrical release. The good news this is one less silly secret agent thriller you need to go see!
@danidee he is indeed, from Wickerman to boycotting, but he's done some interesting stuff!
Nicolas Cage is such a strange person. My sister is obsessed with him though.
What's funny about this to me is that the theatrical release of Babylon AD has a more enjoyable and coherent plot while the directors cut is weird and confusing. Makes me wonder if this will be something similar.
@AgentCory oh so you've seen it? It didn't really appeal to me so I haven't seen either version, I just remember hearing about them and I recall people found the versions very different.
@kristenadams agreed! I do like several of his movies, even if he usually winds up as some internet joke.
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