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The hardest part of running a marathon, a 5k, around the block, is taking that first step. Here are a few awesome tips for how to start running and keep running! Measure each run in minutes, not miles. The goal is to run/walk for at least 30 minutes, eventually building up to 30 minutes of continuous running. It might seem contrary to walk every three to seven minutes, but the goal is minutes, not miles. Start and finish each workout with a few minutes of fast walking. Commit to a schedule. Commit to running three times a week. Don't run two days in a row. Do at least two days of cross-training per week -- cardio and strength/flexibility, and take one day off per week. Measure pace by effort. During your run intervals, you should be able to talk in a conversational tone. If you start to feel like you're losing control of your breathing, slow down. Use technology to your advantage. Track your routes, progress, and speed. There are more apps than you can imagine for fitness. Listen to your body. Monitor how your body feels throughout the run, and adjust the run minutes accordingly. If you start too fast or do too much, you're more likely to injure yourself.
The best way to ensure the day doesn't get in your way is to go running early in morning an hour before you normally wake up. I'm up by 4 an don't by 4.30 and back by 5. It's a half hour run and it feel amazing after. For the days I don't feel like waking up I tell myself that it's one hour of extra sleep and an entire day of feeling like crap because I skipped the run.
I loooove jogging apps. They really help me stay on track!
I really admire runners, because as much as I love exercise I just can't pick up the habit.
Great tips, it can feel so overwhelming trying to stay active and health, but breaking it down into these smaller goals and reminders really helps.
Committing to a schedule is so hard. I can usually only manage a good run once a week so I get really frustrated during weekdays when I have no time :/
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