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Inspired by the latest workout craze, Alexander Wang has come out with all-athletic line for his upcoming collaboration with H&M. He will be the first American designer to collaborate with H&M and will be debuting his collection in stores on November 6. This collection is filled with running leggings, water-repellent windbreakers and foam-injected knits to create a futuristic and fun look. Don't confuse Alexander with some crazed gym-rat though! “I’m not an athlete,” Mr. Wang admitted. “I work out sometimes, but I wouldn’t say I’m a hard-core person that goes to the gym four times a week. It’s more just trying to stay healthy, be active, running around, doing some cardio.”
That coat looks so structured and warm.
One of my friends is actually obsessed with Wang (and has a picture with him!) so I'm sure he's already all over this, but I'll send this update to him ;)
Yes! I love Alexander Wang (though I don't own any of his work) so maybe I can finally have a piece of my own!
Even though these are "work-out themed" they are still so chic!! I need the leggings in the 5th image. Absolutely. Need.