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About two years ago, my good friend Jini and I created a small non-profit called Team Sejong. Our primary goal was to get our hometown of San Diego excited about Korean culture and to teach them all about its traditions, language, and history. Throughout the year, we take part in a large number of social events, but perhaps our favorite is our annual Hangeul Day celebration at the local Mandarin immersion elementary school, Barnard Asian Pacific Language Academy. For this year's Hangeul Day event, we set up different stations in the school's gymnasium where kids could engage in games and crafts associated with the Korean alphabet, Hangeul. Since I'm a little bit of an art nerd (as if being Vingle's Fine Arts moderator didn't make that obvious), I recruited my friends Minyoung, Jinho, Alex, and Niki to help me create a station where children could create Korean word paintings with handmade stencils. We created stencils for words like 'butterfly (나비)', 'friendship (우정)', and 'love (사랑)' out of cardstock and made a display board showing all of the words and what they meant. When a child picked out what word they wanted to make art with, we got them paper, paint, and the stencil and made all sorts of colorful, fun words for them to take home after the event. I loved this event so much, and I wanted to share with Vinglers some of my favorite moments of our Hangeul Day at Barnard - including our craft table and the hanbok (Korean traditional dress) dressing room! After all the arts and crafts were over, we also had a big, big meal of tteokbokki, bulgogi, kimchi, and rice. (I'd have a picture of that too, but we were too hungry!) I hope this inspires some of you to either learn more about the Korean culture or to create your own community groups to spread the word about whatever hobbies you like the most. If you have any questions about how to get active in your community or want any advice on how to set up art activites for kids, send me a direct message and I'll be honored to help you out!
What a great way to share just a piece of another culture: more and more cities are having these events for all different kinds of cultures. I love attending; great work, and congratulations on a successful day! @danidee
How adorable! Learning about different cultures is so important at an early age so this must be a great experience for these kids!
This is really awesome, even though I live in San Diego I'm never home around the time that you guys do this...I'm so bummed! I'd love to be a part of it one year :/
@nehapatel Thank you so much! It's so fun to get people thinking about the other cultures around the world. I think we're so used to our patriotism, especially here in the US, that it might be hard for some to acknowledge that yes, there's other cultures and traditions out there and they're wonderful too!
@caricakes There's always another event! Or you can just come back FOREVER. ;)