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Peyton Manning completed 22-of-26 passes for 318 yards and four touchdowns in Sunday night's 42-17 win over the 49ers despite resting the 4th quarter. Manning broke Brett Favre's career touchdown record in the second quarter with a short pass to WR Demaryius Thomas. The Broncos take on the Chargers in Week 8 and Manning should continue to pad his record with many TDs this season.
I may not know anything about sports, but breaking an impressive record is something I do understand! Great job!
Did we really expect anything less?
@EightyNine yeah they seem like they might be able to, but it's still gonna be quite a while till this reign is passed.
@yakwithalan Certainly not and it looks like no one will break his record for a longgggg time. I say Aaron Rodgers or Andrew Luck are probably the likeliest candidates
Like a boss... Niners couldn't stop him all day