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Beautiful British Columbia
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A look at the beautiful sites that can be seen in British Columbia, Canada: I can't wait to visit there! I've been keeping track of the places in BC I NEED to go, and this is my current list. I'm still trying to find out where all these places in the video are, but for now, this is my list! I'm going to be researching these places, so I'll share any fun trips I find! - Glacier National Park - Grouse Mountain - Rocky Mountains - Butchart Gardens - Royal British Columbia Museum - Pacific Rim National Park Reserve - Vancouver Art Gallery - VanDusen Botanical Garden - Queen Elizabeth Park - Emerald Lake Where do you want to go? Tell me the time in the video, and I'll try to find out where it is!
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Glacier Park and Emerald Lake are must sees @onesmile It's been over 10 years since I've been there and I'm still itching to get back
@pipeline I can't take the credit for it; I just found it!! @yakwithalan Well, get yourself back there and let me know where to go! Though...my list is already too long....
Glacier is an amazing place! My family went there just this past summer and they predict that the glaciers will melt by 2020! I took some beautiful pictures and hope to go back one day!