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Finding Oregon: Nature Timelapse
"Finding Oregon," put together by Uncage the Soul Productions in 2011, compiles 6 months of timelapse photography from Oregon state. The footage includes photos of: - Columbia River Gorge - Mt Hood - Mt Jefferson - Southwestern Coast - Alvord Desert - Leslie Gulch - Blue Mountains - Crater Lake - Eagle Cap Wilderness - Deschutes River and more!! I have seen very few timelapses that cover a state or countries areas as thoroughly as this one accomplishes with Oregon: it seems like there are endless places to discover and enjoy! For more on traveling in Oregon, check out Oregon state's travel website:
This is amazing!!! Anytime I've made it to the northwest I have had a fantastic time; I hope I can get there again soon. I havent seen all these places yet, so I have to go back!
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@happyrock Definitely! I need to go as well
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