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For 14 months, photographer and videographer Nicolaus Wegner traveled through the wildscapes of Wyoming, capturing all the beauty that he was seeing on film to share with others. He fought the elements (almost getting struck with lightning a few times along the way!!) but the final product is absolutely magnificent! This is Wyoming, morning to night, all weather, all seasons. It's paced to start slow and build into a whole lot of craziness. I've never seen a time-lapse video that goes out of its way to be more expressive than I think we're used to. I think most time lapse videos have a tendency to stay look at nature with a calm relaxed manner we look at paintings at a museum. We simply observe the movement. Here, the way nature reacts is very reactive to the music in spontaneous and expressive ways--and it makes me want to go to Wyoming even more!
breathtaking scenery + amazing photography + baller soundtrack =one very good movie
@TonySperle Totally agreed!!
This is amazing; wow. I really want to see all of these places and experience the same adventure. I love how it's really incorporated with the music, it brings even more life to the nature it shows off. Very cool find!