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First look at the the new trailer for the HBO sitcom The Comeback starring Friends alumna Lisa Kudrow. The Comeback is a mockumentary, two-camera style of faux-reality written as a statical comedy poking fun at the television industry. Kudrow shines in this hilarious comedy playing a character arguably based on her own career, and the trailer is just as funny as you’d expect. Hopefully this will be one of many titles offered on HBO’s new subscription streaming!
this seems like such a popular comedy style these days, especially the trope of an actor playing a character like the actor. sounds kinda funny though c:
@pixiedust Laguna Beach is one I just never watched so idk, but yeah I think people like a show that doesn't pretend to be real but still has the same feeling as a reality show
@AgentCory it does, doesn't it? I think after Laguna Beach people realized that they really enjoyed fictional reality just as much as fiction or reality and the market was opened up! Personally I'm not a huge fan of the camera work, but if it's funny I'll give it a try!