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Sayaka Maruyama was born in Japan, but at the age of 12 she moved to Holland with her family for a three year stay that heavily influenced her artistically. After graduating from the Art University of Tokyo, Japan, she been working as a conceptual artist on a collection called 'Neon O'Clock Works' with Tomihiro Kono. When she moved to London in 2007, her interest in photography became much stronger. Since then she began to work as a photographer. The photography series by Neon O'clock Works was exhibited in some galleries in London such as Soho gallery, Claire de Rouen Books, etc.
I love how every bit of details are so harmonized in her photos.
Whenever people argue that photography can't be art, I want to take artists' works like this and shake them in people's faces.
I love the name of the project, I have no idea what it means though
Really unique. That last photo is so different from her other ones, I wonder why that is.
These are so interesting. Her life sounds like an awesome adventure too!