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Sayaka Maruyama was born in Japan, but at the age of 12 she moved to Holland with her family for a three year stay that heavily influenced her artistically. After graduating from the Art University of Tokyo, Japan, she been working as a conceptual artist on a collection called 'Neon O'Clock Works' with Tomihiro Kono. When she moved to London in 2007, her interest in photography became much stronger. Since then she began to work as a photographer. The photography series by Neon O'clock Works was exhibited in some galleries in London such as Soho gallery, Claire de Rouen Books, etc.
These are so interesting. Her life sounds like an awesome adventure too!
Really unique. That last photo is so different from her other ones, I wonder why that is.
I love the name of the project, I have no idea what it means though
Whenever people argue that photography can't be art, I want to take artists' works like this and shake them in people's faces.
I love how every bit of details are so harmonized in her photos.