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NPR Music is awesome, but this has got to be one of my favorite pieces by them yet. They received a question (more like a cry for help) from a listener asking how he could become a "music person." The listener describes himself as "someone who grew up listening to bad music (like bad Rick Astley '80s soft rock), then went to college where the music scene was weak, then moved to Southeast Asia (where English-language music meant the aforementioned bad Rick Astley '80s soft rock), and then you go to law school and your soul turns black, thus preventing good music from entering." So how does someone with this bleak upbringing become a music snob? Or at least musically aware :) First off, don't worry about sounding like a music dweeb. Ask your coworkers, friends, family, and neighbors about their music tastes. Do a little googling and figure out what songs strike your fancy. Go a little further and then hit the websites - Pandora, Rdio, Songza. They'll find you songs similar to what you plug in and will let you stream for free! Set aside a notebook for the purposes of documenting which songs you want to replay, and then use that list of favorites to send you down rabbit holes. It'll feel like homework, at least at first, but the rewards will be worth it. There's no right or wrong way to listen to music, but just make sure you're listening to what you enjoy, not what the world tells you is a hit! See the full story here -
I'm definitely in @sophiamor's shoes, I know that I'm only listening to hits that are produced in a factory-like setting and I want to explore actual music!
Because of my job, I get a ton of people asking me what I am listening to. It's hard to narrow it down so I try to ask them what one song is that they like. Even if its horrible (for example, this guy's 'Rick Astley') I can build off of that. Make sure you trust your friends' musical taste though or else you could be led down a horrible path haha
great tips for sort of exploring new music. I feel like i just end up in a black hole on youtube where I listen to something, click on a recommended video, and the cycle continues until I don't know where I am anymore XD
I'm still of the opinion that even if its "shit music" but its what you truly enjoy, so be it! No reason to feel like you " have" to like a certain kind of music! That being said, this only counts if you really truly like it, and you've tried other kinds of music and they just don't work for you. Everyone likes different things, after all.
I think using websites like Hypemachine helped shape my taste in music a lot. If you find a song you like on the site, it's attached to a music blog, and chances are that blogger has showcased other music you might be really into too. I also like checking out other bands on the same label as one band. A lot of independent labels tend to have a particular taste umbrella that all these artists fall under. The used record/CD store is also your best friend. Like, if you're just getting into, say, older bands like Blur or Teenage Fanclub right NOW chances are someone has dropped off their dusty copies off to the shop a while ago.
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