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A dash of dirt and a handful of succulents is all you need to create a tabletop garden. Using a ceramic drill bit, drill a small hole in the bottom of a mug or tea cup of your choice (this can also be done at a hardware store) Add a layer of small pebbles to allow for drainage, then fill with potting soil. Select three to four succulents; mix greens and reds for extra color. There you have it! I also attached a video for more guidance :)
I love succulents. I work right across the street from a succulent stand and I love visiting and browsing after work.
This will bring some life to my room.
These are so cute! What a perfect way to add some color and whimsy to my dreary desk at school!
Now I know what to do with all those antique teacups I want to buy when ever I'm at a garage sale :)
The video is really helpful, thanks for including it!
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