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We’ve all felt the ugly green monster twisting our heart and mind over even the smallest things. As a Scorpio, I’m all too familiar with it, as much as I try to avoid the feeling, sometimes it can’t be helped. This video has some really helpful advice for how to turn such a negative emotion into positive energy. She’s not talking about romantic relationships specifically, but the advice holds true for love I think. Use your jealousy as a sign post. ● Whatever the reason you’re feeling jealous, you hear about a romantic date your friend went on and it reminds you that you haven’t been on a big deal date in weeks, or maybe one of your girlfriends has gotten a beautiful red rose every day for the past week. Whatever it is, use your feeling as a sign post that this is something you want in your life. This is your heart and mind trying to tell you there’s something missing that you want from your partner. Channel your jealousy into energy. ● Once you’ve identified why you’re feeling jealous and what you feel your life is missing, now’s the time to take action. Use the feeling to motivate yourself. Maybe what you’re missing is something you can bring to the table. Plan a weekend getaway, surprise your guy or girl with a home cooked meal or tickets to that show they love. Make the most of your feelings and turn them into something positive. Be grateful to the people who are jealous of. ● It can be so hard to remember to be grateful, especially when you feel jealous of someone, but being grateful is exactly what you need to do. This person or situation has shown you a new direction for your relationship, so be thankful for that lesson and that person!