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Does anybody know of a good-ish baitcasting reel for less than $60? I know I won't be getting something high quality, but mine just isn't usable anymore, and I really want to get some fishing in this fall!! If you have suggestions or know of any good sales, please let me know!!
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believe it or not walmart sells an abu Garcia combo the black max or silver max combo for around that.you could also just buy the reel for close to that.i actually like the black max I put it on a 7 ft lews rod and use it often.
@MikeJones Really?? That's awesome!! I was skeptical of checking out the reels at walmart but I guess it could work!! You got your rod elsewhere right?
I bought the whole combo at Walmart but I take and swap the rods they come with 6 or 6'6 rods or can buy the reel separate
@MikeJones That's awesome! I'm gonna try checking there, cool. Thanks for letting me know.
No problem