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I've heard from my friends that they can land a 1-2lb bass in less than a minute, maybe they spend up to 2 or 3 minutes if it's bigger but not much more!!! Videos I see in Youtube, though, definitely take a lot longer than that!! Any idea why?? Is it just size?? It takes me longer to land a fish and I think it's because I am not experienced enough to wear them out faster.
@fallingwater @mcgraffy Exactly: what Mike said! It's not about how long it takes you but about how much fun you have and keeping the fish safe for a nice clean CPR.
@fallingwater Like we said: don't worry!
@fallingwater Don't get down on yourself, it doesn't matter how long it takes you to the land the fish as long as you're still able to release it safely
@yakwithalan So much faster than me :( even when I get it reeled in close to the boat, it takes me a few minutes to properly net or lip the bass :(
I'd say under 2 minutes, to be honest, it usually doesn't take much to bring them in. If you practice the way you reel and handle your drag, you'll get faster!