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I was browsing reddit and noticed someone had posted an image that listed the "dos" and "don'ts" of catch and release. In the image it said that for deep hooked fish you should cut the leader line close to the hook. My question is that I have heard conflicting things about where to cut the line for a hook that you cannot seem to retrieve. I have heard that you should leave some line so that the hook is always pulled taught by the water as the fish swims, and I've also heard people say what this poster is saying. I've also seen people say you gotta take it out through the side gills, but I'm not sure I'm confident enough to do that. Which do you do/believe and why? I would like to learn more and make sure that I am doing/telling others to do what is best for the fish.
for the most part, when I'm fishing, the only gut hooks occur when I'm panfishing. This being said, there's not a lot of room to work with. I try to get hooks free with a pair of long forceps but if that doesn't work, I just usually cut the line close to the hook. with bass on the other hand, I've had awkward treble situations but nothing a little digging through their mouth couldn't fix.
@weist7573 It's so much harder with panfish cause like you said its just too hard. I think that's the right way, though, just cut as close as you can and get on with it
@fallingwater if you're not confident enough to be sure you can always remove the hook you should make sure to take someone with you who is
@mcgraffy Yeah that's a good skill to add but I really think these tips are good. Especially using barbless hooks for quick release: the hook set might not be as good but this is really important
Personally I agree with this list; I really think with hooks that are trapped in there, you should remove it through the gills if possible. Don't leave it in there unless you absolutely must.