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Not all great video games come from big name development companies, here are five indie games that are totally awesome! + Donut County + Not yet released + Platforms: PC and mobile Physics based puzzle game where you have to move a hole around that expands every time something falls in. It’s kind of like a reverse Katamari Damacy and really challenges you to think outside the box to solve puzzles and swallow the world! + Push Me Pull You + Not yet released + Platforms: PC, likely also Mac This one looks so so weird but it’s actually really cool and a great co-op game. Four players on two teams of doubled ended conjoined… people? You work with your teammate the keep the ball away from the other team. + Gang Beasts + Available now! + Platforms: PC (Steam Early Access) Free for all fighting game where instead of people you play anthropomorphic blob guys. It’s the best known game on the list and it looks kind of violent but it’s got a really funny slapstick feel to it and it’s great for a laugh with friends. + Loves In A Dangerous Spacetime + Not yet released + Platforms: Xbone, PC, and Mac by the end of 2014 Co-op space shooter that combines a shooter, a tower defense game, and a platformed. You have to run around the levels of your circular ship to steer around the galaxy and fight bad guys with your co-pilot. + Banana Chalice + Not officially released + Platform: PC Hyper retro “tube shooter” where you play as a flying cat hunting down chalices traveling through a psychedelic, banana crazed, ghost filled wormhole. This is the next generation of internet cat meme guys, I promise you! You can play it now for free in the unfinished phase.
@pixiedust that's why I love checking out indie games! you find some really cool stuff, and sometimes more innovative mechanics c:
These sound really fun! It's just wonderful that people can create such creative games even if they aren't with a big company!
@DanteL yeah?! awesome! it reminds me of TF2 kind of, in how it's funny I guess XD I really like Banana Chalice too!
Tried out gangbeasts for a little bit and it was pretty fun.