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life of air that I breathe, taken away from me, slightly breathing, with the words of greed, 3 words onl y can hurt me, she once said I love you tee, then one day I lost my heart beat. I drop to my knees, she told me she wasnt ready, but see, I proposed to her, she said yes, happy an jolly no rest, I guess alot changed since then, cause now she say im rushing, an that took my breath, she say she love me, an we been for a while, now I feel so much hate cause she was the one I want to have my child, im slightly hurting, cause this cant be, niw I hate dis bitch, with a passion of feed, like a hungry wolf staring showing his teeth, I dont know what to do but jus let her be!
Even though it's called "slighty hurting" I feel a lot of hurt :( is this written to be spoken, or however we want to interpret? @rastatee
how ever you want to interpret