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Lucky for us, many candies are accidentally vegan, so this Halloween you can stock up on some cavity-creating sweets :) Here's a list of some vegan options. If the candies aren't on this list, do a quick ingredients search on the web -- When in doubt, beware of these three cruelly obtained ingredients: gelatin (cow’s bones), carmine color (crushed beetles), and confectioner’s glaze (made from female lac beetles). 1. Airheads 2. Bottle Caps 3. Chick-o-Sticks 4. Cry Babies 5. Dots 6. Dum Dums 7. Fireballs 8. Fruit by the Foot 9. Fun Dip 10. Hubba Bubba bubble gum 11. Jolly Ranchers (lollipops and hard candy) 12. Laffy Taffy (some varieties) 13. Mamba Fruit Chews 14. Goldenburg’s Peanut Chews (Original Dark Chocolate Variety) 15. Pixy Stix 16. Runts 17. Skittles (all U.S. flavors) 18. Smarties 19. Sour Patch Kids 20. Spooky Nerds (orange-and-white punch flavors) 21. Starburst Minis 22. Swedish Fish 23. SweeTARTS 24. Twizzlers 25. Zotz 26. Pez Candy 27. Fireballs 28. Big League Chew 29. Blow Pops 30. Swedish Fish!
I'm still a sucker for fun dip
What a helpful list! Thanks for the cool facts too @danidee!
Skittles and (original flavored) Sour Patch Kids are two candies that just recently became vegan over the past 2-3 years! They used to be made with gelatin. I think the fact these popular candies were revised says a lot about the impact of vegans/vegetarians and the evolution of America's dietary habits.